The development of Singapore education – lesson for Vietnamese education

This is a country with the most developed education in Asia, Singapore is a “mirror” for Vietnamese education, especially an example of how to organize a learning environment and standardize experimental space to increase inspiration source of creativeness in pupils and students.

According to the 2016 Universitas 21 Ranking Scores, Singapore is a country with advanced education, ranked 8th in the world and ranked first in Asia, surpassing both educational and economic powers such as Japan, South Korea and China… Also in 2016, according to the PISA – Program for International Student Assessment (OECD), Singapore also surpassed 69 other countries to participate evaluation to win the first place. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s ranking is 21.

The PISA rankings table 2016.

There are many reasons for the success of Singapore education, such as educational methods, teacher qualifications, supportive policies, government incentives … and an important reason can – not – mention, it is the investment in the system of facilities, building a dynamic and creative learning environment, meeting the research and practice ability of students.

In Singapore, all schools are invested methodically, from the classroom system, functional rooms to amusement parks, galleries, art rooms … Open spaces with modern and comfortable equipment … is one of the factors that stimulate the brain of students, making students of this small island nation leading the world in the level of Mathematics and Science.

A creative corner at Horizon Primary School – Singapore

Outdoor sports training ground at Horizon Primary School – Singapore.

A corner of the corridor at Temasek Primary School – Singapore.

Many times working in Singapore, impressed with the investment in facilities of schools in this country, Mr. Dinh Xuan Vang and VN Capital have devoted their efforts to research and apply remarkable advantages of the model of facilities in schools in Singapore appropriately in the context of schools in Vietnam. He said: “The schools in Singapore are well-invested schools with good facilities, evenly between schools. In Vietnam, we have a big difference in facilities invested in cities and rural and mountainous areas. This is a disadvantage for the students in Vietnam.”

When we have the creative, open learning environment; standardized system and scientifically organized of facilities… students will have more opportunities to develop. In addition, the design and construction of friendly, age-appropriate schools also help students enjoy learning, not the psychology of fear, mystery … schools are just separated by a cold wall.

Not only Singapore, the investment and standardization of school facilities in any country will also bring success to that country’s education. However, Singapore and Singapore’s “mirror” are close and “easy to see”.

From Singapore’s school model, VN Capital has refined, researched and designed the best items for school projects in Vietnam such as: Natural ventilation system for classrooms and areas, corridors, standardize the area of ​​classrooms, WC, functional areas, construction materials…

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